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About Fujipure India

Fujipure Infrastructure and Developers India Private Limited is bringing out Standing Creations Through construction and its exceptional interior and exterior Solutions. Our Companies - Fujipure Infrastructure & Developers India (P) Ltd- Fujipure Airconditioners & Refrigeration Company- Fujipure Textile House (P) Ltd- Coolking Decorators- Coolking Financial Service- Real Estate- My Study Line- Athma Social Welfare Trust- Trading- Imports & Exports- Coolking UPVC- Coolking Threads- Mysore Chamundeshwari Mega Silk Cluster (India) Pvt. Ltd- Green Wood Corporation

Fujipure India Site Audit

Fujipure Indian Search Engine Optimization

Fujipure India Organic Search


Interesting Challenges And The Journey

Objectives And Challenges

Design Solution Journey

The End Product

Fujipure is an established brand in and around Tamil Nadu and they have started their journey from Malaysia. As a business emperor in Tirupur selling Air conditioners, they are popular among the locals and they even used to call them CoolKing alias Fujipure. They want to expand their business in multiple fields and for that first, they need to make sure their online presence is fully set up. 

GoDigiFlo understood the task clearly and was excited to work with a foreign cum Indianized organization and that too from Tirupur also known as the knitwear capital of India. The job is to conduct a website audit for Fujipure and provide technical support.


We submitted the Web Site Audit including

We also helped in correcting grammar mistakes with the help of sophisticated tools throughout all of the pages of the website.


SEO Checker


With the provided report, they have to work closely with their partner who helped them in building the Fujipure India website including domain and subdomain.

Our service has a price, but our commitment and dedication are priceless. The end product is evidence of the hard work we imagined at the very beginning of the project initiation. With a passionate mind, a clear plan, and top-notch skills in our hands the long roads are shorter than we expect when we travel. 


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